Dear Dr. Phil,

I have a problem and I don't know what to do about it. Recently I've been haunted by a nightmare. I awake in terror from a nightmare in which I am trapped inside one of those street-vendor carts like they have on the sidewalks of Manhattan. Then, while I'm awake, I find myself obsessed with thoughts of eating and, inevitably end up with a big bag of salted pretzels in my lap. I've gained weight. This is not good for me because I dream of one day being in the Olympics. My passion is gymnastics. Please help me determine why I am haunted by the recurring nightmare and why I'm now obsessed with eating salty pretzels. This is urgent! I have included a photo with this letter in hopes that this might help you to determine the source of my haunting dreams and obsessive behavior!

Below, I have included a photograph to demonstrate to you how passionate I am about my dream!

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Jessica Simpson rules the roost! Jessica Simpson runs with the devils! Jessica Simpson tantalizes the twisted! Jessica Simpson should be commended!

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