Accounting for Change

Folks, let me tell you something about the world of white-collar labor -- it is getting more and more difficult for college-educated people to find careers in business in America, and this is likely due to outsourcing to India, China and Madagascar (Okay, maybe not Madagascar, but you know what I mean!)

One of my childhood pals, Bartholomew Xavier Poindexter, got himself a college degree in Accounting and was doing fine for 10 years. Then the accouting scandals of the 1990s hit, he lost his high-paying position, and he didn't know what to do. He mucked around in various jobs and tried to change careers but, ultimately, he knew accounting was his true passion. Just as all hope seemed lossed, Bart came up with an ingenious plan -- to create for himself a new sort of Accounting career!

(scroll down to see Bart's new job!)

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