Roommate Revenge

We had the roommate from he** last year. We all lived in a 4-person room and this one dude (we'll call him "Glenn") didn't know how to respect boundaries. He was always "up in your grill" with his opinions and borrowing your stuff (and not returning it!). Then, in an outlandishly selfish move the dude decides he's going to sneak a dog into the dorm room. Of course, this was just absurd -- 4 guys and a dog in a room the size of a rabbit warren! Well, we got our revenge in Finals Week. Actually, this is more like a "dog bites owner" type of revenge, but no biting was involved. Take a look at how Glenn's dog, Rove, exacted our revenge for us. Yeah, that's Glenn's item he is using in a most egregious manner!

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