Frosty the Snowman Santa's Coming to Town! The Santa Claus Dance! Rudolph the Reindeer

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Here is wishing you all
a very Happy Holiday Season

Now begin scrolling down
and get ready to laugh, smile and dance as you peek through my Christmas windows!

And remember, Santa is watching and we know what will happen if you don't smile and dance around the room...

I hope you will enjoy this page and have a "Beary" good time ...

Come and listen to my story
'bout a man named Claus...

A jolly round man ...

Fooled you!!!
You thought I was going to go into a rendition of the Beverly Hillbillies song, didn't you?

Since you are THAT gullible,
now let me try and hypnotize you
with my mesmerizing candy canes!

Okie dokie!
Now that you are sufficiently mesmerized ...

Let's watch while
the Santa and His Helpers Club Band
warm up!

Now we all know that before Santa and his helpers can take on the long chore of delivering all those toys to the boys and girls around the world, they must first get in shape.

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, Knees & Toes.

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, Knees & Toooooeeeeeesssss.

Eyes & Ears & Mouth & Nose,
Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, Knees & Toes.

Boy did that take me back a few years!
(Actually a lot more than a FEW years, but who is counting!?!?)

OK. Where were we?

Oh Yes! Exercise!!!

Those bags fillled with toys get very heavy, so it is vitally important that Santa work on those muscles all year long.

What a show-off!!!

Sometimes Santa has to make his way on the ice to get to those out of the way houses in the Yukon, Siberia, and North Dakota! So he spends hours and hours practicing his skating techniques

And after those hours and hours of practice, Santa and his helpers are ready to glide along smoothly with all those toys and gifts

Well I don't know about you, but I am exhausted after all this exercise!

So just sit back and enjoy the show for a moment as you stare into the crystal ball.

First it was the hypnotic candy canes and now the crystal ball. Could it be that I'm trying to control your mind with thoughts of Joy & Hope?

Sing along with me!

"Well you know ...

& & &

& & &

But do you recall

The most famous reindeer of all?

That's my neighbor's dog, Rolf!

(But you must admit, he sure is cute.)

Okay. Here he is...

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Hey y'all -- did you know that even Santa and his reindeer take advantage of modern day equipment to make their job easier? Here's the proof:

And because some children live in places too difficult for Santa and his sleigh to get to ...

Now if you have all been good little bears,

Santa is sure to find you!

So make sure you get that letter off to Santa.

Because he truly is making his list
and checking it twice!

Gonna find out who is naughty or nice.

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this very merry Christmas page.

Happy Holidays to everyone around the world ...

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Frosty the Snowman Santa's Coming to Town! The Santa Claus Dance! Rudolph the Reindeer

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